Sunday, October 7, 2012

Teacher Website Search

Maria Pagan
Child Guidance, Management, and the Environment
October 7, 2012

Karen Cox:
Karen Cox has created a site to help teachers with lesson plans, assessment, activities, and classroom design. The website is a great site for teachers of Early Childhood classrooms because it not only provides printable materials but it also includes social network links, and blogs that are full of useful information and practices that have been done in her own classroom and that have been successful.

One of the examples she provides on her site is the way she changed how she was teaching estimation to young learners.  This was especially helpful because it proves that all children will learn differently and changes can be made to fit their individual needs.
This site provides teachers with lesson plan ideas, other teacher resources, a teacher feedback page, teaching job search, message boards, and classroom material options.  Printouts are available as well as ideas for the classroom (bulletin boards, and seasonal items). 

I especially found this site helpfull because of the classroom set up ideas it provides from seasonal decorations to basic bulletin board ideas that motivate the learner. The information and ideas come from teachers for teachers. 
Dr. Jean:
Dr. Jean’s website is amazing. It provides teachers with songs which can be used in Early Childhood Classrooms along with videos we can view and learn from.  The site also has a blog where teachers share information and Dr. Jean posts new ideas each day. 
Activities such as Happy Hands can be found under the Small Motor Skills tab. Dr. Jean outlines the instructions clearly and notes the developmental skills we should be looking for while conducting the activity.
Hubbard’s Cupboard:
This site is great because aside from including subject matter material and ideas it provides information for family involvement and Christian Resources.  There are literacy kits, assessment tools, other resources options, and classroom project ideas. 

 On this page there is a section titled Safety and Self Help Competence.  This section lists important information that students should begin to work on learning in case of an emergency and to teach independence.